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Recombinant Protein Production – Custom-made in Germany

Recombinant protein expression plays a crucial role in academic research ─ from the analysis of cellular proteins to high-yield protein production for drug development. Among the cell-based recombinant protein expression systems, bacterial, mammalian, insect, and yeast cell systems have been widely used, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. However the workflow of expression and purification steps is time consuming and correct synthesis of membrane proteins a highly demanding process which requires the knowledge of an expert.

antibodies-online is able to support you in your proteomic research. We provide state-of-the-art protein expression and purification steps in prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems. We use optimized conditions throughout the workflow, enabling us to routinely and efficiently obtain high yields of purified proteins.

State-of-the-Art Expression powered by antibodies-online

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What We Do

As well-known reagent supplier in the antibody and protein market, antibodies-online is dedicated to provide custom-made recombinant protein production with special focus on membrane proteins. We work closely with a skilled team of scientists combining several decades of lab experience on protein expression, purification, and crystallization. We make our own protein purification resins and crystallization products to ensure the highest quality in our service offering.

Interested in high quality custom-made proteins?

We handle each inquiry individually and in order to offer the highest quality possible while still being able to react flexibly to occurring obstacles. Our team guarantees the delivery of proteins of desired quantity and purity.

See all advantages at one glance:

  • All in-house production: From sequence to purified protein
  • Made in Germany - from design to production - by highly experienced protein experts
  • Native state folding guarantee
  • State-of-the-art algorithm used for plasmid design (Gene synthesis)
  • Our experts are particularly experienced with manufacturing transmembrane proteins
  • Purified via the C-terminal rho1D4 or his tag and size exclusion chromatograph to ensure crystallization grade of grade purity of >95 %
  • No financial risk - you will only pay upon receival of the correctly folded protein

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